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«WorldSkills Belarus-2016»

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The second republican contest of professional skills "WorldSkills Belarus-2016"

In Belarus, the development of vocational education is one of the priorities of state policy. This was said in the greeting, which President Alexander Lukashenko sent to the participants of the second Republican competition of professional skills "WorldSkills Belarus 2016".

"Having demonstrated the strength and will to win during the regional qualifying stages, you reached the final of the republican competitions, where you will have a hard struggle on the competitive platforms," ​​the greeting says.

The President stressed that in Belarus the development of vocational education as a condition for strengthening the country's economic security is one of the most important priorities of state policy, where young people are given special attention.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed his confidence that such contests will become more massive and will make a significant contribution to raising the professionalism of young workers and specialists of the country.

The head of state wished the contestants and experts of the contest unforgettable impressions, further creative successes and professional victories.

Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement whose goal is to enhance the prestige of working professions and develop vocational education by harmonizing the best practices and professional standards worldwide through the organization and holding of professional skills competitions, both in each individual country and throughout the world as a whole.

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WorldSkills is the center for improving and developing skills. Thanks to international cooperation and development of links between industries, governments, organizations and institutions, WorldSkills shows the advantages and necessity for qualified specialists through the organization of competitions, organization of joint projects and exchange of experience. WorldSkills emphasizes the importance of training and education for young people, industry and society, helping young professionals become the best in their chosen profession.

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Such a format of the competitions became possible due to the accession of Belarus in 2014 to the international non-profit association WorldSkills International (WSI), whose goal is to popularize the working professions and specialties, improve the status and standards of vocational training and qualifications around the world. Today, 76 countries are participating in the WorldSkills International movement, covering more than 70% of the world's population, including such leading and actively developing countries of the world as Germany, France, China, South Korea, USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia and others.

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The international WSC championships are held every two years in one of the participating countries, which facilitates systematic exchange of information, demonstration of their achievements by young workers and specialists and comparison of their skills with the highest professional standards accepted in the developed countries of the world. Throughout the world, these competitions are attended by thousands of schoolchildren, which makes the WSI movement a powerful mechanism for career guidance for young people.

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To date, it is a world-famous and largest competition, a kind of "Olympiad of workers", where young qualified workers, students of universities and colleges take part as participants under the age of 22, and well-known professionals, specialists, masters of industrial training and mentors - as experts, assessing the performance of the task. To date, this is - a world-famous and largest competition, a kind of "Olympics of workers", where they participate, young skilled workers, college and university students as participants under the age of 22 years, and well-known professionals, experts, trainers and mentors - as experts evaluating the job.

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In May 2014, within the framework of the WorldSkillsInternational movement, for the first time in Belarus was the republican contest of professional skills "The First WorldSkills Belarus 2014 Championship" (May 20-22, Minsk). The championship was held at the Football arena in 20 nominations (professional competencies) with the participation of 150 contestants under the age of 21 - the winners of the WorldSkills regional stages of the competition. The participants of the republican contest were evaluated by 60 experts representing enterprises of the leading sectors of the economy and institutions of the system of professional and higher education. 57 winners and prize-winners of the republican contest of professional skills were awarded with the prize of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the social support of gifted students and students. As a result of the championship, the republican team "WorldSkills Belarus" was formed, which represented Belarus at the international championship of professional work of WSI.

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A good school for honing professional skills before the world championship was the participation of the Belarusian team in the WorldSkills CIS + contest in Kazan (May 19-23, 2015, Russia). The Belarusian team was represented by 22 participants who competed for the title of the best in their profession for 17 competitive competencies. Olga Zakrevskaya, a student of the Minsk State Vocational and Technical College of the garment production, won the gold medal in the competence of "Fashion Design". For all other nominations presented, the team members received silver awards.

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The Republic of Belarus for the first time took part in the 43rd international championship of professional skill "WorldSkills Competition 2015", which was held in August 2015 in Brazil. The Republican team WorldSkills Belarus acted on 15 competencies and brought 2 Medallion for Excellence medals to Belarus: Alesia Nazarova in the competence of Hairdressing Arts and Olga Zakrevskaya for the competence of Design of Clothes, which showed the best result in her nomination among the countries of Europe.

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The participation of Belarus in the world championship had a wide public resonance, raising the problem of raising the status and quality of vocational training and qualification for working professions on the basis of international standards, ensuring innovative receptivity of vocational education, as well as the necessary motivation for professional self-determination, personal and professional growth , the creative work of Belarusian citizens.

In January-March regional competitions of professional skills were held in all regions of the republic, the winners of which will go to the WorldSkills Belarus-2016 championship to demonstrate their skills and rise to the level of achievement of professional peers.

On May 17-19, the II Republican contest of professional skills "WorldSkills Belarus-2016" will be held at the Football arena, where more than 280 young people from institutions of vocational, secondary and higher education, as well as young workers of enterprises demonstrate their skills in 33 competencies in the field of industry and construction, services and technology of fashion, IT and transport technologies.

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The opening ceremony will take place on 17 May at the Sports Palace with the participation of representatives of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, the National Assembly, heads of ministries, departments, enterprises, public organizations, vocational education. Honorary guest of the national championship will be Saimon Bartley - President of WorldSkills International.

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According to some competencies, the competitions will begin on 17 May.

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On 18 May, the so-called "workshops" for 33 competencies will unfold on the Football arena, of which 4 are demonstration ones (visual merchandising and window dressing, bakery products, cosmetology, health care and social care).

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Compared to the First Championship of 2014, participants will be given the opportunity to show their professional skills in 11 new competencies (furniture manufacturing, carpentry, electrical work, painting and decorative works, dry construction and plastering, plumbing and heating, refrigeration equipment and air conditioning, graphic design, software for business, web design, body repair car).

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In addition to the Belarusian contestants, representatives of foreign countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, South Korea) will take part in the national championship.

Their skills will be assessed by more than 280 experts, including WorldSkills International accredited experts with certain competencies: knowledge of WS standards and regulations, competition procedures, development of a test task and definition of evaluation criteria. Registration of points and evaluation will be carried out in the automated system of summing up the results of the competition (CIS), providing a 500-point scale.

For the first time for the championship "WorldSkills Belarus-2016" will be held a national contest among students of general secondary education "JuniorSkillsBelarus". Сompetitions are held for schoolchildren aged 10-17 years with the aim of implementing early career guidance for students, mastering modern professional competencies: mobile robotics; industrial robotics; prototyping; system administration; CAD engineering design; neyropilotirovanie; technology of unmanned aerial vehicles. From this year, competitions among juniors are included in the overall program of the championship.

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Within the framework of WorldSkills Belarus 2016, an international conference "Professional potential of youth as an effective resource for the economic and social development of modern society" will be held on May 18 with the participation of representatives from more than 30 countries, where modern approaches to the training of qualified personnel for an innovative economy based on international WSI standards. To increase the popularity and clarify the social significance of the working professions for the schoolchildren, master classes, interactive vocational guidance areas "All facets of the profession" will be organized where it will be possible to get acquainted with the modern way of professions, the training of which is carried out by the institutions of vocational and technical secondary and secondary special education of the republic. 

Many enterprises and organizations of the republic actively joined the preparation for the championship, acting as partners of competence, providing modern equipment and materials for equipping the competitive sites (Elema, Kommunarka, Belor-Design, Stilmark LLC, LLC "Lika-Jay", IUP "Festo" MUP PvPP, Mastercam, Abamet LLP, AMKODOR OJSC - holding management company, Henkel Bautechnik JLLC, Integral OJSC, Peleng OJSC, Twing ODO -M ", JSC" Minsk Silicate Products Plant ", etc.).

Following the results of the 2nd republican competition WorldSkills Belarus 2016, a national team will be formed, which will represent the Republic of Belarus at the international championship "WorldSkills Competition 2017" on October 14-19, 2017. in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Participation in WorldSkills competitions, apart from increasing the prestige of working professions, motivates young people to choose the most necessary specialties in production, and for educational institutions it is an excellent opportunity to establish partnerships with enterprises and personnel organizations, gain access to advanced technologies, acquire experience of synchronizing professional and educational standards for the effective training of specialists in accordance with international requirements.

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Thanks to joining the WSI movement, more opportunities are opening up for the professional education of our republic:

- the system of personnel training for high-tech branches of the economy is activated, including in the working professions, on the basis of international standards, including mechanisms for vocational guidance, formation of expert communities and increasing labor productivity;

- within the framework of interaction of expert communities, the professional and educational standards in the republic are updated on the basis of international WSI standards for the most popular professions in the Belarusian economy;

- Involvement of Belarusian enterprises, which should be not only users of personnel, but also participants in the educational process, the formation of a material and technical base, and the financing of vocational education.

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