Государственный герб Республики Беларусь


Education for the future of the country

The system of preschool education in the Republic of Belarus

Preschool education is the level of basic education aimed at versatile child development in the early and preschool age (till 6 years old) with taking into account its age and individual capabilities, abilities and needs, aimed at the formation of its moral values, and the acquisition of social experience.
The achieved level of providing places for children in preschool institutions is one of the highest among the CIS countries. All children aged five are covered by the course of preparation for school.
Access to preschool education is maintained through the development of a multi-functional network of preschool institutions, the introduction of new forms of organizing preschool education depending on parents’ requests.
In 3,812 preschool education institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, health resort nurseries and kindergartens, special preschool institutions, preschool child development centers) 426,300 children of early and preschool age are brought up. Groups are opened in preschool education institutions on a tuition-fee basis under requests of parents.
The educational process in preschool education institutions is provided by 56.6 thousand teachers.
Health-efficient conditions have been created in preschool education institutions of the country, leading to a sustainable tendency of decrease in the number of days per year that a child misses when ill.