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Youth of Belarus at the World Festival in Sochi presents socially significant projects

Published: 12.09.2017

At the ХІХ World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS), which will be held October 14-22 in Sochi, panel discussions, conferences and seminars will discuss issues related to education, development of leadership potential, international youth cooperation.

The delegation of Belarus to the WFYS will be headed by Education Minister Igor Karpenko. It will include working and student youth - only 300 people. Among them will be journalists and sportsmen, participants and winners of creative and intellectual competitions. As they told in the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the Union will be represented at the festival by bright leaders and activists of volunteer detachments "Kind Heart", students' detachments, members of youth law enforcement units, winners of the contest "100 Ideas for Belarus". In Sochi, there will also be veterans of the festival movement, those who participated in the WFYS, which took place in Cuba in 1997 and in Venezuela in 2005. The chairman of the Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs Dmitri Subtselnyy said that from the RPO "BelAU" there will be volunteers with great experience, participants in major international events on youth policy. Representatives of the association intend to participate in as many events as possible in order to show the potential of the country, Belarusian youth organizations.

During the festival it is planned to organize a large-scale exhibition, where the Belarusian education system will be presented. In addition, Belarus will be represented as the host country of the Euroigr-2019 and the World Hockey Championship, which the country will host in 2021 together with Latvia. The accent in the exposition will be made on the tourist potential of Belarus, on the support of youth, and its participation in public life. Belarusian youth will take an active part in the festival's activities - discussion, cultural, leisure, sports and so on. Every day in accordance with the traditions of the festival movement will be dedicated to one of the macroregions of the planet (America, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Russia as hostess of the event), its specifics and key areas. In addition, each day will be awarded a cross-cutting theme, which will bring together panel discussions, conferences and seminars. Among such themes as cultural interaction, international security, education, science and the environment, IT. Issues related to the employment of young people, environmental problems, and others will be addressed. The themes of the program were formulated taking into account the UN's goals in the field of sustainable development.

WFYS-2017 promises to be the largest event in the field of international youth interaction. It is planned that more than 20 thousand people from 150 countries will take part in it. The symbol of the festival is the multi-colored chamomile symbolizing the continuity of traditions, the connection of generations, the peace and unity of the entire world community. The main element was the color pixels as a sign of the generality of youth throughout the world in the information age and technological progress. The festival is called upon to consolidate the youth of the world, to promote the development of interethnic and intercultural interaction.

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