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Belarus-Romania: wide horizons are opening

Published: 22.09.2017

On Friday, the Ministry of Education of our country was visited by a delegation from Romania._DSC1829.jpg

At the beginning of the meeting, V.A. Bogush sincerely welcomed the Romanian delegation and expressed satisfaction with her visit to our country, which once again confirms the mutual intention to establish close cooperation between Belarus and Romania.


According to the first deputy minister of education, university cooperation is a favorable sphere for the development of innovations in science, for the development of youth activity and mobility, for teachers and professors of higher education institutions, between which exchange can be organized.

"In our country, the range of training and the range of scientific research that we have is quite wide," - Vadim Anatolevich said.

- This is a humanitarian sphere, economics, sociology, linguistics, technical and technological, agricultural profiles, engineering, medicine, chemical and IT-technologies. And in each direction we can establish contacts for mutually beneficial cooperation.


In the further conversation it was noted that while Belarus and Romania are at the beginning of cooperation in the field of education.

The normative legal framework for interdepartmental interaction in education between countries is currently under development. The Ministry of Education is actively working on the agreement with the Romanian side of the text of the draft agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Romania in the field of higher and postgraduate education.


Between the universities of higher education of our country and one-profile universities in Romania, 3 direct agreements on cooperation have been concluded.

Colleagues from Romania noted that the system of higher education of our country is very attractive for acquiring experience and starting new projects. Therefore, during the visit some universities of Belarus were visited, among them Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherova, International University "MITSO" and several others.

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