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Education for the future of the country
Published: 20.09.2017


Within the framework of the meeting issues of development of interuniversity cooperation aimed at expanding educational, scientific and innovative cooperation, increasing academic mobility of students, scientific and pedagogical workers were discussed. Also discussed was the topic of organization of interaction between the institutions of vocational education system, including training and retraining of personnel on new specialties demanded by the labor market.

The Minister of Education emphasized that it is necessary to develop resource centers in organizations of secondary vocational education, and offered to exchange experience in creating sites that operate in the Kaliningrad region. During the discussion, a joint decision was made to train specialists for participation in the national and world championship of young professionals WorldSkills.

"The Republic of Belarus is our strategic partner for the exchange of experience in the social sphere. It is gratifying that we are ready for interaction and are open to discuss new projects and programs in which our children, youth, and the pedagogical community can participate, "Ilya Barinov said.



Within the framework of the two-day visit, the delegation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus will visit a number of educational organizations of the region in the cities of Kaliningrad, Zelenogradsk and Guryevsky urban district. Agreements have also been signed between the Institutes for the Development of Education of the Kaliningrad Region and the Republic of Belarus, BFU them. I. Kant and BSU.

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