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Belarus, Moldova to sign agreement on cooperation in education

Published: 27.09.2017

The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova approved the document at a meeting on 27 September.

Since 1995 the cooperation in the education sector was based on the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of Belarus and the Ministry of Education of Moldova. The agreement ceased to have effect on 11 September 2015.

A new intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in education will help strengthen Belarus-Moldova cooperation in education, taking into account reforms introduced in the sector. The agreement will envisage a mutual parity-based exchange of students, academic staff and scientists between the two states, an exchange of experience and best practices in vocational training and the focus of vocational training on the needs of the national and international labor market, support and assistance to academic mobility, implementation of ICT in education.

The intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in education will help establish direct contacts between the educational establishments of Belarus and Moldova, step up comprehensive cooperation and the implementation of joint projects in education, science and research. The parties will also exchange information and regulatory documents concerning the recognition of documents in education and qualifications. The agreement will be signed for five years with the possibility of immediate extension for five-year terms given no objections from both the sides.

Press-center of the Ministry of Education.
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